Elegant Dottyback

Elegant Dottyback

Scientific Name:
Pseudochromis elongatus

Maximum Size:
2” (5 cm)


This species is not seen very often in the trade and is a beauty. It is a small species of dottyback that reach a maximum size of about 2”, which makes it a perfect candidate for nano tanks. They are very peaceful and reef safe. They have an orange to red head, a purplish dark body and a black spot on the tail. The eyes of Elegant Dottybacks have a fantastic yellow outline. The species is dimorphic (difference in coloration and/or physical morphology between male and female) and as they mature the males will change coloration to a more olive green and grey coloration.


Our broodstock fish originate from Bali, Indonesia. Elegant Dottyback is native to Sulawesi and the Mulucca Island of Indonesia.


Due to their small size the Elongate Dottyback is more benign than most other dottyback species. They are relatively peaceful, reef safe and a good candidate for nano tanks.


Most dottybacks love meaty food items like Mysis shrimp, brine shrimp, krill and various frozen meaty aquarium foods. However, the Elegant Dottyback will also readily accept pellets and flake food.